Team Cooperation

Trello: for project management
Mural: for project outline
Notion: for documentation

Sample Size

In order to gather quantitative data for model building, firstly, we figured out how much data do we need.

As you can see from the chart, the amount of people in San Francisco was 883,305 (2018), so the sample size of our survey should be 97.

Survey Questions

After that, we did an online survey through Qualtrics.

Questions included demographics, biographics, attitudes, feelings, mindset, temperament & personality, needs and behaviors.

Validation Questions

In the end of the survey, we had pairs of cats and dogs images, to see how visual images could impact the participants' choices.

User Test

Before we launched our survey to the public, we firstly test the survey with 5 friends to get their feedback in order to refine the survey questions to make more sense.

Here is the notes from the user test.


Launch the survey
through text message, email, and social media post

Over the last week, we has gathered 169 responses in total.

Data Analysis

With the help of Johannes, we cleaned our raw data via Google Sheets, and try to figure out interesting correlations between different attributes.

Data Visualization

Based on the analysis of the co-relations above, we imported the data into Tableau to create the data visualization to make more sense of the co-relations.

Further Step

For our future design, we are thinking about to use the pattern we found and the model we built to create a cat & dog adoption App.

For the on-boarding process, users need to do a quick survey, by which the App could validate whether they are a cat lover or a dog lover. Based on this, users will get recommendation of cats and dogs for a better adoption experience :)

Here is the concept design for the user interface of the App.